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About Kay Wilmesher

Hello and welcome! My name is Kay and I have a professional background as a community liaison. For 20 years, I connected people of all ages to resources to prevent suicide, drug abuse, and violence, and later, I ran aging-well programs. I loved helping people by finding ways to make their lives healthier and more meaningful.

Outside of my profession, I always gravitated toward real estate. I currently own four houses in the Grand Valley and have owned several others over the years, managing all the purchase/sell and financial details for each one. I have found the business of buying, selling, remodeling, and maintaining homes to be immensely fulfilling and I believe that I have a true skill in doing so.

To unite my love of helping people together with my passion for real estate, I became a REALTOR. I am extremely grateful to continue to connect the dots between people and now home purchases, sales, investments, and any other housing needs. Let me connect the dots for you as I guide you into and through the world of real estate to achieve your housing dreams!